Thursday, November 03, 2005

compassion for all of us


I want to invite all of us to discuss how we can bring about a societal change - A Change of Heart - (see -

so that we may all live on this planet in peace...with dignity...with all of our human and civil rights respected and honored...

in an environment filled with love, with joy, with purpose, with right livelihood,

where our children can grow and thrive, nurtured by Enlightened Education -
honored as full human beings, given what they need to thrive, to grow, to develop a system of coordinated compassion for all of the inhabitants of this planet on which we reside.

Obviously, where we are now is not where I at least wish to be...

There are so many issues which need to be addressed - police brutality, the lack of universal medical insurance in this country, the lack of Enlightened Education in our schools, poverty, corporate and political greed, corruption, evil in all its forms -

and even with our outrage over the torture of prisoners abroad, here in the US the same policies of brutality are part and parcel of the "criminal justice system."

This is the issue which will drive this blog - the elimination of torture and abuse in our domestic prisons, jails, and holding cells.

The time has come for these practices to end - and together we can make it happen.

Please let me know your views.